Memory Glass Video Goes Viral on Facebook!

A new video about Memory Glass went live on Facebook just four days ago and hit 10 Million Views earlier today!! It has since surpassed 11 Million Views with over 260,000 Shares, and shows no signs of slowing down. We’re ecstatic!!

Our video, which condenses the Memory Glass Memorial creation process into just 20 seconds, shows our talented glass artists fuse cremated remains into a hand blown, crystal glass cremation memorial keepsake.

In addition to the video being a hit, the Memory Glass Facebook Page has grown to have over 20,000 Followers! A BIG THANKS to all who have helped to make our video successful!

In case you missed it, our video is now live on YouTube HERE.

Memory Glass In The News: Funeral Business Advisor March 2015

At Memory Glass, we handle cremated remains from over 1,600 funeral homes and crematoriums. It’s safe to say that in this industry, we are certainly a leader amongst funeral suppliers in terms of the quantity that passes through our facility.

FBA-Logo-Black-Front-Cover2What exactly are cremated remains? That’s a question that has long been the topic of conversation here in our office. Our Founder, Nick Savage, set out to research this question and published an article on the chemical breakdown of cremated remains.

Nick Savage Headshot

Memory Glass Founder and Owner, Nick Savage.

You can see it for yourself here, in the March 2015 issue of Funeral Business Advisor.

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Memory Glass In The News: Funeral Business Advisor Sept 2013

Funeral Business Advisor 9-2013If you’re a funeral home or crematorium, you count on a lot of outside vendors to supply you with top-notch products. To help you better select your vendors and be sure they’re the best ones for your business, Sarah Savage, our Marketing & Public Relations Director, has published an article in the Sept/Oct issue of Funeral Business Advisor magazine. Her article, Choosing & Evaluating Cremation Memorialization Suppliers, is available in the print edition and online now.

Sarah Savage Headshot 2012To view more “Memory Glass In The News”, visit our Press Room.

Memory Glass Exhibiting at CANA Convention

Our very own Kim Price will be representing Memory Glass as an exhibitor at the 95th Annual Convention for the Cremation Association of America (CANA) in Washington D.C. from August 7-9. Memory Glass has been a regular exhibitor at the CANA Convention for years as we are committed to continually remaining informed and up to date with all the best practices implemented in the funeral industry.

Kim is looking forward to connecting with our existing vendors, and meeting with funeral homes and crematoriums who are interested in learning about how Memory Glass can help increase their profitability. Visit us at booth #42.

Memory Glass is aligned with the CANA’s core principles – the belief that the practice of cremation should include dignity and respect for the care of the deceased and compassion for the living who survive them. Our customers can rest assured that the utmost respect and dignity is employed in memorializing loved ones through the process of making our glass memorials.

Memory Glass In The News: The Importance of Being URNest Blog

When a customer tells us that their Memory Glass memorial has helped them find closure, it reminds us of one of the reasons that we started this business – to help grieving people through memorialization.

Memory Glass Orb Aqua

Memory Glass Memorial Orb

You might wonder, how exactly does a memorial product help someone find closure? We hear from people all the time who have been holding onto their loved one’s ashes for years. Many know that their loved one wished to be scattered or buried, but they can’t bring themselves to part with the ashes.

The Importance of Being URNest is a new blog that focuses on just this subject. Their recent post, Ashes to Glasses, refers to Memory Glass as a “Gorgeous solution” to memorialization. Creating a Memory Glass memorial only requires a tiny amount of cremated ashes, which allows families to make memorials for each family member to keep while still being able to scatter or bury the rest.

We hope to see the new blog’s future posts take us down the road to its author’s own closure, however they may find it.

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Cremation Increasing in Popularity

Graph from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA)

The rate of cremation in the US is at an all time high, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). Their cremation statistics for 2011 have been compiled and published, showing that cremation continues to rise in popularity. The number of cremations done last year in the U.S. exceeded 1 million, an all time high.

CANA’s report breaks down the cremation rates for areas throughout North America. Rates for the U.S. rose from 40.6 % in 2010 to 42.1% in 2011. Cremation proves to be even more popular in Canada where rates increased from 58.2% in 2010 to 59.2% in 2011. Canada’s province with the highest cremation rate is British Columbia at 80.6%.

In 2011, the top ten states with the most cremations were:
  1. California – 131,140 cremations
  2. Florida – 101,697 cremations
  3. Texas – 53,245 cremations
  4. New York – 50,333 cremations
  5. Pennsylvania – 44,513 cremations
  6. Michigan – 41,678 cremations
  7. Ohio – 38,404 cremations
  8. Illinois -35,274 cremations
  9. Washington – 34,019 cremations
  10. Arizona – 28,654 cremations
In 2011, the top ten states with the highest cremation rates were:
  1. Nevada – 72.2%
  2. Washington – 70.9%
  3. Oregon – 69.4%
  4. Hawaii – 69.1%
  5. Montana – 65.7%
  6. Maine – 63.9%
  7. Colorado – 63.3%
  8. Arizona – 62.5%
  9. New Hampshire – 61.6%
  10. Alaska – 61.1%
In 2011, the five states with the lowest cremation rates were:
  1. Mississippi – 13.8% cremation
  2. Alabama – 17.2% cremation
  3. Kentucky – 20.8% cremation
  4. Louisiana – 21.2% cremation
  5. West Virginia – 23.2% cremation

Cremation appears to be more widely accepted in the West (Pacific and Mountain regions), including Alaska and Hawaii, and in the Northeast. Southerners, however, tend toward non-cremation methods as the South has the lowest rates in the nation.

This report also lists the top five factors that come into play when a consumer is choosing whether to cremate. These factors are:

  1. Cost (Cremation services are typically substantially less expensive than traditional burials)
  2. Range of Memorialization Options (There is a wider range of options available with cremation, including Memory Glass’ own glass cremation memorials, scattering, cremation jewelry and urns)
  3. Environmental Impact (Traditional burials require land consumption)
  4. Geography (Our mobile society prefers to bring loved ones along when they move)
  5. Religious Acceptance (Religions are becoming more tolerant of alternative choices to burial)
For a closer look at more cremation statistics for 2011, go to CANA’s complete report.

Vegas Road Trip to ASD Trade Show

There’s nothing like a 24-hour round trip excursion to Las Vegas. We drove out to Sin City to attend the ASD Consumer Goods trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This trade show was like the mother of all shows, as it is literally six shows in one. Every type of retail merchandise that could possibly be on the market was there. You name it, you can find it at ASD.

Our sole mission: to seek out new gift packaging for our memorials. Six hours of power walking later, we discovered a packaging “gem”. Mission Accomplished.

Then we hightailed it out of there, eager to trade in Las Vegas’ 110° baking desert for Santa Barbara’s 70° ocean breeze. Although, now that we’re back to blowing glass today in front of our 2,000° furnace, it’s feeling like we never left Vegas.



Memory Glass In The News: Post-Tribune 6/23/12

Memory Glass was mentioned in Indiana’s Post-Tribune on June 23. The article refers to our products as “artsy options for cremated remains.” Reporter Jerry Davich says, “You would never guess it’s the remains of a loved one over the mantle.”

Check out the article here: Behind the scenes of funeral home reveals tradition, changes.

The Post-Tribune is a Chicago Sun-Times Publication.

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