Memory Glass Expands Operations For 2012


December 12, 2011, Santa Barbara, CA – Memory Glass®, a memorial keepsake company, is pleased to announce the expansion of its operations with the addition of new glass-blowing equipment.  These exciting changes are due to the increase in demand for Memory Glass products – hand-blown glass keepsakes infused with cremated remains, soil from a burial plot or sand.  The expansion will be complete at the start of 2012.

Memory Glass Cremation Memorials

Memory Glass Artist Nick Savage begins the Memory Glass Memorial creation process by first pulling 2,000°F molten crystal glass from a furnace.

The additional top-of-the-line equipment effectively allows a tripling in workload for the company.  The new glass furnace accommodates three times the current quantity of usable molten glass for order creation and the kilns provide sufficient space for finishing orders, enabling the Memory Glass facility to optimize and increase production.

“The surge in orders we’ve seen during 2011 has been phenomenal,” states Fernando Lopez, Memory Glass Production Manager and Glass Artist.  “This expansion gives us the ability to efficiently up our production to meet demand, and prepares our facilities for continued growth.  Business is good!”

A Memory Glass® is a unique solid glass keepsake that eternally preserves cremated remains, soil from a burial site or sand, which are suspended within the glass.  Our customizable products are each hand-blown using high-quality crystal glass and colored glass.  An extremely small amount of cremated remains, soil or sand is required, giving families the opportunity to create multiple Memory Glasses.  When used with cremated remains, the family can still bury or scatter the remainder of the ashes.

Established in 2002, Memory Glass began as a family business inspired by the loss of a close friend.  Its mission is to provide a creative, affordable, alternative form of memorialization for those grieving the loss of family, friends or pets who are no longer with us.  Memory Glass products are available in over 1,000 funeral homes and crematoriums in all 50 states.

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