Memory Glass Welcomes New Team Members & Announces Staff Promotion

Memory Glass® is pleased to announce that it’s family is continuing to grow. We welcome our newest members of the Memory Glass team, Marco Mariani and John Misenhimer. Both graduates of Westmont College in Montecito, California, Marco and John join as Production Assistants and Glass Blowing Apprentices.

Memory Glass Staff 2013

Memory Glass Team Members (left to right): Lucas Iorio, John Misenhimer, and Marco Mariani

Additionally, team member Lucas Iorio has been proudly promoted to the position of Production Manager. Lucas has been a member of the Memory Glass team since 2010, when he joined as a Glass Blowing Apprentice and Production Assistant. Lucas now leads the production, quality control, shipping, and woodworking departments, and he is a skilled glass blower and master woodworker.

“Lucas is incredibly dedicated to our company and our mission to provide timeless, top-quality glass memorials. He’s well qualified to take on his new role,” said Nick Savage, Memory Glass Owner & Lead Artist. “Marco and John have already proven themselves as hard-working, reliable team players who are committed to our company’s values. They are a much needed addition to our expanding company.”

A Memory Glass® is a solid glass keepsake that eternally preserves cremated remains, soil from a burial site or sand, which are suspended within the glass.  Our customizable products are each hand-blown using high-quality crystal glass and colored glass.  An extremely small amount of cremated remains, soil or sand is required, giving families the opportunity to create multiple Memory Glasses.  When used with cremated remains, the family can still bury or scatter the remainder of the ashes.

Established in 2002, Memory Glass began as a family business inspired by the loss of a close friend.  Its mission is to provide a creative, affordable, alternative form of memorialization for those grieving the loss of family, friends or pets who are no longer with us.  Memory Glass products are available in over 1,000 funeral homes and pet crematoriums in all 50 states, Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

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