Pet Remembrance During Holiday Season Helps Heal Broken Hearts


December 4, 2012, Santa Barbara, CA — Memory Glass® custom glass keepsakes memorialize lost pets by eternally preserving cremated ashes within solid glass as wearable pendants and art pieces.  It’s a holiday gift that can be shared with every family member, regardless of where they live, and one that will be treasured forever.

The past loss of a loved one hits us strongly during the holiday season when their lack of presence is magnified by holiday parties, family gatherings, and gift giving.  Memory Glass gives grieving pet owners a tangible memorial they can take with them anywhere, and lets each member of the family keep a bit of cremated ashes close to them physically.

“You would be surprised how many people call us saying they’ve had their beloved pet’s ashes stashed in a closet for years. They typically don’t want to bury them for fear of leaving them behind if they move,” said Nick Savage, Memory Glass Owner & Lead Artist. “These families need closure, and we aim to help them get that closure by creating a memorial they can treasure.”

Remembering lost pets through the act of memorialization is a very healing action. It honors the pet, and also the pet/owner relationship by bringing back memories of good times spent together.  It helps pet owners deal with grief and sadness, and finally say goodbye.  Says Nick, “It’s a very special feeling when you get to ‘reunite’ someone with their pet for the holidays through memorialization.”

A Memory Glass® is a solid glass keepsake that eternally preserves cremated remains, soil from a burial site or sand, which are suspended within the glass.  Our customizable products are each hand-blown using high-quality crystal glass and colored glass.  An extremely small amount of cremated remains, soil or sand is required, giving families the opportunity to create multiple Memory Glasses.  When used with cremated remains, the family can still bury or scatter the remainder of the ashes.

Established in 2002, Memory Glass began as a family business inspired by the loss of a close friend.  Its mission is to provide a creative, affordable, alternative form of memorialization for those grieving the loss of family, friends or pets who are no longer with us.  Memory Glass products can be ordered online at, and are available in over 1,000 funeral homes and pet crematoriums in all 50 states.

Sarah Savage
(805) 895-5835

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