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Ordering a Memory Glass™ is an easy 4-Step process:

Step 1: How big do you want it?



Memory Glass™
(approx. 3"-5" ball & 2-4lbs)



Memory Glass™
(approx. 2"-3" ball & 1-2lbs)



Step 2: What should it look like?

You have the option of three Designs:

You may also choose any two(2) of our 15 beautiful color options.
  1. Eternal Purple
  2. Ocean Blue
  3. Sky Blue
  4. Seafoam Aqua
  5. Forever Green
  6. Perfect Pink
  7. Antique Red
  8. Radiant Orange
  9. Everlasting Gold
  10. Daffodil Yellow
  11. Mystic Black
  12. Slate Grey
  13. Aged Bronze
  14. Ivory White
  15. Crystal Clear
Click each color to se an example

Shown from left to right, top to bottom.

Step 3: RAISE or WRAP your Memory Glass™?

A raised footing adds roughly 1/2" inch to the average height of the Memory Glass™ but also can reduce the size of the "ball" at the top.
Flat Footing
Raised Footing

A wrap is a delicate addition to a Memory Glass™. Applied to the piece during creation while it is still hot, wraps are permantently fused to your Memory Glass™.

Wraps add $25 per piece and come all of the colors listed above, and in two designs:

Wave Wraps
Coil Wraps
Flat Wave
Raised Wave
Flat Coil
Raised Coil


Step 4: Add a lighted stand?

Each Mahogany stand has a cluster of two LED lights in the center to provide pure white light, illuminating your Memory Glass™. ( what are LED lights? )
Each Honduras Mahogany Stand is hand-crafted, hand-sanded and finished by us at Memory Glass™. We use Man-o-War Mono-Urethane Spar Varnish, the finish will last for years. These bases are recommended for our Large Memory Glasses™. +$120
While we cannot verify that our Spanish Mahogany Stands are actually "Spanish" Mahogany, we do know that they have the correct coloration, and are quite beautiful. They have a Satin finish and work well with Small Memory Glasses™. +$80


Payment Information:

Memory Glass accepts the following forms of payment:

Solution Graphics

Personal, Business, Cashier's Checks



Once You Have Placed Your Order...

  1. You will receive a "Memory Kit" containing:
    • 1 sterile, locking vial for the cremains, pre-labeled w/ unique identifying information
    • 1 sterile 1/2 tsp. scoop for handling cremains
    • 1 prepaid, preaddressed "Indestructo" box used to ship via FedEx.
    • Simple to follow instructions
  2. Once we have received the returned welcome package from you:
    • Each order is hand blown -- separate from other orders -- all precautions are taken to ensure that no orders are crossed at any time.
    • Records of each order are kept within our database and accompany each order along the way.
  3. Within 2-4 weeks from when we receive the ashes, you will receive your Memory Glass™ by FedEx.
    • Any unused cremains will be returned to you along with your order, in it's original vial.


Eternal Purple Ocean Blue Sky Blue Seafoam Aqua Forever Green Daffodil Yellow Everlasting Gold Radiant Orange Antique Red Perfect Pink Mystic Black Slate Gray Aged Bronze Ivory White Crystal Clear

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